Probation Period
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Probation Period


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Probation Period ​​ ​ ​​ ​
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The probation is an established period at commencement of employment during which the employee is assessed by the employer for his suitability for the job and the employee decides whether he/she wants to continue his/her employment in that particular job.​
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How long is the probationary period?


The first six months of employment constitute probation. The parties can however agree to a shorter term. In the case of a contract of service, or a collective agreement, in respect of employees holding technical, executive, administrative or managerial posts and whose wages are at least double the minimum wage established in that year, such probation period is of one year unless otherwise agreed (for a shorter period).

Can the employment be terminated during the probationary period?

During probation either party may terminate the employment without assigning any reason, provided that one week notice is given if the employment has exceeded one month. However, in the case of terminating the employment of a pregnant employee during probation, the employer is obliged to give her the reasons in writing to justify that the dismissal is unrelated to the employee's condition.

Can a probationary period be extended?


The probationary period cannot be extended beyond the maximum period allowed by law. Where the employer and the employee agree for a shorter period, such period is binding by law and can only be extended up to the maximum limit contemplated by law if both parties agree to do so.

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