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List of Application Forms

»  Registration of  a Trade Union or an Employers' Association
The set up of free trade unions is fundamental for industrial democracy. A new Trade Union or Employers' Association has to be registered with the Registrar of Trade Unions, according to the Industrial and Employment Relations Act.  The completed form will be vetted by the officers from the Registrar of Trade Unions and if the applicant satisfies the pre-established criteria, the new Trade Union or Employers' Association will be officially registered.
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»  Statement by the Employer
Employees have the right to be informed about their basic conditions of employment. The employer is to supply such information within eight working days from engagement, if the period of employment exceeds one month and exceeds eight hours of work a week. The DIER is providing this sample of a statement as to serve as a guideline for employers.
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»  Conferment of Payslip
As stipulated in S.L. 452.116 “Itemised Payslip Regulations”, as from 1st January 2019, the employer is bound to give to his employees an itemised payslip either before or on the date when wages are due.
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» Notification of a Posted Worker to Malta
A Posted Worker in Malta is an employee of a foreign undertaking who does not normally work in Malta but who for a limited period of time is sent by the foreign undertaking to work in Malta. In any case of a posting in Malta, the undertaking posting the worker to Malta is obliged to notify the Director of Industrial and Employment Relations of its intention to post a worker to Malta. Upon receipt the notification is filed by the Inspectorate registry section officers.
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» Request for the Authorisation for Employment of Minors
The employment of minors is a very sensitive issue in particular concerning the child’s education, health and safety. The law provides certain criteria that must be met before employing a minor, which also requires the approval by the Director General for Educational Services and the approval of the Director of Industrial and Employment Relations. Once received, the completed form will be evaluated and unless objections are found the director issues the related approval.
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» Licence for carrying on an Employment Agency Application 
Employment agencies are engaged in an activity of bringing together and matching people looking for employment and job opportunities. In order to operate an Employment Agency or Business requires a licence issued by the Director of Industrial and Employment Relations. The completed form will be assessed by the officers in charge and unless objections are found the Director issues the related licence certificate.
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