Night Work
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Night Work

Night work is working time that includes more than 50% (or a lower proportion as provided for in collective agreement) of the annual working time between 22.00hrs and 06.00hrs, or at least three hours of the daily working time as a normal course during night time (between 22.00hrs and 06.00hrs).

A night worker’s normal hours of work shall not exceed an average of eight hours in any 24-hour period. Such average should be calculated over a reference period of 17 weeks or as specified in an applicable collective agreement.

If a risk assessment, which the employer is obliged to carry out, reveals special hazards, apart from the employer being obliged to take the necessary measures to ensure that the worker concerned undergoes a suitable health assessment to determine the worker’s health status, the working hours of the employee, including night hours, should not exceed 8 hours of work in any period of 24 hours.

If a registered medical practitioner informs the employer that the employee is suffering from a health condition which is connected to night work, the employer should, if possible, transfer the employee to more suitable work during daytime.

In cases where night work is regular, the employer is obliged to keep records related to night work. (see L.N. 247 of 2003 - Organisation of Working Time Regulations).  

​This page was last updated on 12/05/2020.