Full-Time Indefinite Contract of Employment
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Full-Time Indefinite Contract of Employment

In accordance with regulations 4 and 6 of the ‘Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Regulations, 2022’ (L.N. 267 of 2022)​, in those cases where a written contract of employment has been signed between the employer and the employee, the employer shall be bound to deliver to the employee a signed copy of the agreement during a period starting on the first working day and ending no later than the seventh calendar day.​​


​Name: Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.
​I.D. No.:
​Reg. Co. Number:
​PE Number:


​Name: Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.          ​____________________________________________________________________​
​I.D. No.: ​​____________________________________________________________________
​Address: ​​____________________________________________________________________

The parties above agree to enter into this contract of employment with the following terms and conditions:

Job Title ​____________________________________________________________________​
(preferably attach job description​)

Place of Work​ ​​​ ​​​____________________________________________________________________
(specify normal place of work and whether the
employee  will be required to work at any other
temporary sites within Malta for the proper
performance of the employee's duties.)

Duties Abroad ​___________________________________________________________________
(specify whether the employee may be required to
perform duties outside of Malta.)

​Date of Commencement ​___________________________________________________________________
Probation Period ​___________________________________________________________________
(fill in where applicable)
​1. Full-Time Basic Weekly Wage: ________________________________
2. Specify other allowance/s: ____________________________________
(such as shift allowance and/or commission structure.)

In addition to the above, the employer shall pay the
employee the Statutory Bonus and Weekly Allowance
as specified by law.
(Statutory Bonus payable by the 30th June and from the
15th till the 23rd December. Weekly Allowance payable
by the 31st March and 30th September.)
​Overtime Rates ​​__________________________________________________________________
(also include overtime rate in respect of any hours of
work performed on Sundays / Public Holidays, as
may be applicable.)

Most sectors have their minimum overtime rates regulated by
the respective Wage Regulation Order (WRO) that covers their
activity of work.  The Overtime Regulations​ establish the
overtime rates of employees whose overtime is not covered
by a WRO.
Periodicity of wage payment ​__________________________________________________________________
(state at what intervals wages are to be paid, preferably
indicating payment date and payment period)

Normal hours of work (excluding overtime)​ ​__________________________________________________________________
(list the total number of  working hours per week and the
relative schedule of work. However, the Employer may,
from time to time change the fixed weekly schedule of
work should new business exigencies provided by the
employer develop on a permanent basis.)
Public Holidays​ ​__________________________________________________________________
(where a national or public holiday falls on a Saturday, Sunday or weekly day of rest to which an employee is entitled, such employee shall be entitled to an additional day of vacation leave during that same calendar year in respect of each such national or public holiday.)​
Vacation Leave ​__________________________________________________________________
(it should be noted that the employee is entitled to fifteen
hours with pay per year as time-off for urgent family
reasons, which are deductible from the annual leave
entitlement of the employee.)
Sick Leave ​___________________________________________________________________
(in occasions of sickness, a medical certificate has to be
presented to the employer on the day of return to work
or, if such period of sickness is longer than seven days,
within seven days of the commencement of sick leave
absence. The employer shall have the right to send
a medical practitioner to visit and examine an
employee who is on sick leave.)
Other Leave Birth Leave ​___________________________________________
Marriage Leave ​___________________________________________
Bereavement Leave ​___________________________________________
Jury Service Leave​ ​___________________________________________
Other Leave​ ​___________________________________________
Notice Periods​ ​____________________________________________________________________
​​​              Period of Employment                            Notice Period

     Over 1 month      up to    6 months                      1 Week
     Over 6 months    up to     2 years                         2 Weeks
     Over 2 years        up to     4 years                         4 Weeks
     Over 4 years        up to     7 years                         8 Weeks
     Over 7 years        up to     8 years                         9 Weeks
     Over 8 years        up to     9 years                        10 Weeks
     Over 9 years        up to    10 years                       11 Weeks
     Over 10 years                                                       12 Weeks
​​Special Conditions ​____________________________________________________________________
Collective Agreement ​____________________________________________________________________
(if applicable, attach copy of relevant collective agreement)
Fines ​____________________________________________________________________
(if applicable, attach a copy of the permit details
as approved by the Director of Industrial
and Employment Relations)


Signature of Employee
I.D. Number: ________________

                                   Signature of Employer/Representative
                                   I.D. Number: ______________
                                   Position: __________________

N.B. A copy of the written contract of employment shall be kept by the employer and also given to the employee. Furthermore, if a reference to the law is made, the relative provision of the law must be indicated.

Maltese law shall cover the validity, construction and performance of this contract.​

Download a copy of this sample Contract of Employment from here​.