Wage Deductions
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Wage Deductions

​An employer is not allowed to make deductions from the employee’s wage except where permitted by law or by an order of a competent court.

If the employer does not allow an employee to work the full weekly hours, the employee has the right to be paid his/her full weekly wage as agreed in the contract of employment.

If an employee fails to work the total number of hours in a week as agreed in the contract of service, the employer may deduct from the total wage due to the employee only that part which corresponds to the hours lost.

Unless it is agreed in a collective agreement or specified in a contract of employment or written statement and  authorised by the Director of Industrial and Employment Relations, the employer cannot impose fines on his/her employees which are be deducted from an employee’s wages.

Suspension without pay or with reduced pay is considered as a fine and is only permitted if it is agreed in the collective agreement or a prior authorisation from the Director of Industrial and Employment Relations has been given.

If an employee changes from part-time to full-time or vice versa, and the same duties are continued, the rate of pay should not be decreased. But, if there is agreement that the post and related duties are changed, new conditions, including different rates of pay, may apply.

​This page was last updated on 10/04/2019.